Monday, January 26, 2009

ginger and iron

We were so late making the gingerbread house - we made it after x-mas - and so we were late eating it, too. We made Rapunzel in her tower, she was supposed to have looong hair all the way down, but we kept forgetting to buy string candy, so she stayed bald... Ate the last crumb last week. Asta didn't get any, but she did try to lick it a few times standing on her hind legs. I couldn't resist posting a photo, even though it feels totally out of place. Next year we'll do better!

I received one of those very nice packages in the mail. A necklace by swedish jewelry artist Carolina Claesson. I make invitation cards and posters for the jewelry gallery Hnoss in Gothenburg, were Carolina is a member, and this is how I get paid :) It's made of iron, two links in the back are gilded, it's heavy and surprisingly comfortable. I love it.