Tuesday, January 27, 2009

frozen forms

Outside it's grey, there's a little snow but underneath it's icy and treacherous, it's slippery and difficult to walk. Wish it would snow a bit more so we could go skiing in the woods.

Made another self portrait at the studio, and I did a painting (!) with colors (!). Haven't done that in a looong time. I feel very unsure about it so I'm not posting it yet. If ever. But it was fun and I hope to continue. I am a graphic person, content with a limited palette of one to three colors, but sometimes I long for more.


  1. I hope it snows for you... skiing in the woods sounds so blissful.

  2. Thank you Louise, it actually snowed today and the weather forecast says it's going to stay cold for a while! My skis are waiting impatiently :)

  3. What a beautiful job you did on YOURSELF! Yep, looks just like you.
    Need to explore your blog. Very interesting. Found you today via Feltbug.
    Ronnie-in a small town in Georgia