Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kavala - finally

Last week we were off to Kavala, Greece, to spend a week with Mattias who's been there on a grant for three weeks. But we almost didn't make it there. My dear husband had filled in his name instead of mine on the tickets, and Lufthansa would not do a name change. The girls and I had to go back home, upset and disappointed. And poor Mattias, sitting in Kavala, not being able to do anything either.

Luckily we did find some last minute tickets, not too expensive, and were able to fly off, 2 days late! So we had a lovely week. Although the weather reminded us more of a swedish summer: you never knew what the weather would be like or what the temperature was going to be.

The girls love to swim and the water was still warm so we hit the beach immediately.

Peramos, off season.

We spent two days on the island of Thassos, at Limenaria.


Metallia beach, off season.

Our marble castle.


  1. No Italian flexibility there I can see but I am happy you managed to get down to Greece anyway! Short but sweet!
    Got to tell you that I dreamt about you last night! So nice to se you again!