Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ilva in Uppsala

Yesterday evening I went to the opening of Ilva Berettas photo exhibition at Ekocaféet in Uppsala. I know Ilva only from the blog community; she lives in Tuscany, Italy, writes about food and photography in three languages and is an extremely good photographer. I couldn't stay long, just in between trains, but I had a very nice time during my short visit. This was the first time we met in real life – but it was as like meeting with an old friend!

Ilvas photos are beautiful and we were served very tasty – ecological of course – tapas. I'll bring the family here, next time we're in town.

The artist herself.


  1. It was so very nice to meet you as well, I know we will do it again! Thanks for you kind words even though I had a chock when I scrolled down and saw myself, I didn't even see that you had a camera with you.. hmmmm.
    Have a nice trip to Greece, enjoy the sun because there's not much of that here at the moment!

  2. Of course I had my camera with me ;)

    I'm going to soak up the sun in Greece like a sponge, I'm so tired of the grey skies here lately.
    Have a nice trip back home, Ilva!