Wednesday, August 20, 2008

where did it go?

Summer is already over.
It just ended, quite abrubtly.
I do love the fall, but it came way too early this year,
I wasn't finished with summer yet...

This was just 3 weeks ago, on our summer island, Stora Kornö.
It's in the archipelago, on the West Coast of Sweden.
The weather was extremely dry and hot for almost two weeks, there was a watershortage on the island and our water pump decided to lay off just then. We went swimming several times a day and washed with salt water soap. Drinking water was fetched in buckets.
Evenings were warm and windless and we brought the grill along. Marshmallows were a must.


  1. I feel like i didn´t notice yet, that we had the summer :-(

  2. Det gjorde våran pump på landet med! Rörmockar´n sa att det nog var en kombination av mycket användande och det varma vädret som gjorde att den skar sig. Härliga bilder, jag är inte heller redo för höst, mera varma klippor vill man ha!

  3. we had that kind of summer last year, andrea... I hope you autumn turns out better!

    vi hade en liknande teori om pumpen, att det var en kombination av orsaker. jag lägger upp lite sommarbilder i efterhand, drömma kan man ju göra...