Wednesday, August 27, 2008

burning midnight oil

This is some of the work for my first solo show, here in Stockholm, at Galleri Hedengrens Bokhandel. These past few days have been extremely hectic, especially since Mattias isn't here to cook for us... He's enjoying himself in Greece for another three and a half weeks ;)
I've been working late every evening after putting the kids to bed. So I'm tired, it's 01:45 in the morning and now I have done all that last-minute-stuff that has to be done. I'm even too tired to feel nervous, but that will come in due time, I'm sure.

Now I deserve the bed. Good night!

PS! The show opens this Thursday, August 28th, between 5 and 7 pm.
It continues until September 17th. Welcome!

Pumice stones (pimpstenar på svenska).

Close-ups of the above


  1. Beautiful! I'll be thinking about you, wish I could have come!

  2. I really like these patterns :)

  3. Åh, du har suttit och ritat det där va? Fint det ser ut, och vilken underbar terapi att sitta och göra, jag älskar att sitta och rita monotona mönster, typ, fast tillåter mig sällan.

  4. Thanks Ilva and Flora!

    Tack Pia! Ihop med radion på P1 är det ren meditation.

  5. Your stone drawings are beautiful. I just love stones & cannot stop collecting them. I've just been on holiday and spent the best part of the week doing just that! Hope your exhibition goes well.