Saturday, August 30, 2008

Galleri Hedengrens Trappa

Photos from the opening of my show at Hedengrens Bookshop on Thursday 28th of August. The gallery is located inside, hence the name Galleri Hedengrens Trappa; "trappa" means staircase in Swedish. The bookshop is situated in the centre of Stockholm, at Stureplan.

Some of my work on either side of the staircase. I'm at the bottom with my daughter Olivia and Anna-Lena, one of three responsible of the gallery.

Nature Morte.

This is one of three bookcovers I've been working on. It's called "The way out". Unfortunately I didn't get shots of the other two. I'll post photos of them later.

"Fall" and "Spring" (shot at home).

A whole bookshop at your disposal when you get bored of your mother.

Hello goodbye.

Everything went well, I was very pleased, though feeling quite exhausted afterwards, but in a good way.

I missed Mattias of course, but also all our friends from Gothenburg - it's just too far to travel in the middle of the week. We still don't know very many people in our new surroundings here. But a really old friend turned up, and it was great to see her again. So I'm happy!


  1. Congratulations Cecilia! Your work looks beautiful in such a delightful space. I am looking forward to seeing more.

    And, yes, I know well that happy feeling of exhaustion... it's all so emotionally draining as well as physically, isn't it?

    rest up, be well, g

  2. ser jättefint ut, passa på att sova idag,

  3. It looks so elegant! Not just the work but the bookshop, the artist, the visitors and the lucky daughter.

  4. Beautiful! Both you and your art, I wish I could go and see it!

  5. wow, 'The Way Out' is beautiful! It may sound strange, but it would make an astounding wallpaper, I'd certainly love it adorning the walls of my home. så hyggelig!

  6. Everything look so perfect Cecilia! Congratulations!

  7. thank you so much each and everyone of you - your comments mean a lot to me, they make me very happy :)

  8. Oooh, everything looks great. I wish I can be there to see the exhibition. Love your work.