Friday, October 17, 2014

paper treasure

Been binding some books lately. 

I "found" my old paste paper stash from when I went to bookbinding school 10 years ago! We spent a whole week making wonderful papers to use as book covers. They turned out beautiful the whole lot, it was so much fun. I used to just bring them out to look at and then tuck them away again... they're like a treasure to me. Didn't want to spoil them. But now I've suddenly made up my mind to start using them. I love them, but they need to be used! So here goes, here's a first batch.

The books will soon be for sale at Kaleido!

In January I'll start as an active member again at Kaleido, after my year of resting membership (hasn't actually been all that restful, but good being able to concentrate on my suggestion for the public art commission and important family matters).

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