Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hospital art

Roland Persson

Fredrika Linder (all 3 above)

Torbjörn Johansson

A few weeks ago some colleagues from Kaleido and I went to Akademiska Sjukhuset (University Hospital) in Uppsala to look at some of the recently accuired public art works. It was very interesting. Just to have a really good look – see the different expressions, materials and solutions. 

Psykiatrins Hus (psychiatric dep) has amazing work by Anders Widoff in the main entrance. I was lucky to have heard a talk by him about this work a few months ago. It was stunning to see it in real life. It's huge  and my photos don't make the artwork justice. 
Also a huge sculpture by Frida Tebus called Finding Lithium and a breathtaking, large scale embroidered drapery by Kazuyo Nomura. 

Anders Widoff
Anders Widoff
Frida Tebus
Kazuyo Nomura (detail)

Kazuyo Nomura

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