Thursday, October 20, 2011


 A day off to go to my colleague Ebba for an embroidery workshop with some other fellow Kaleido members. Pure pleasure!
we started off by drawing each other without looking at the paper
then we chose an interesting detail
on my way...
Christinas stitches
coffeebreak after hard work :)

homeward bound, happy!


  1. seems like one of those precious days.

  2. Hi Cecilia I'm here from Popps's blog on 'Bits and Bobs'. I decided to check out and visit all the folks like me, whom Serge Lavange from JOOBLE emailed just to see if we connect in more ways than by chance. Obviously we span the globe. I'm from Australia and very pleased to meet you and your beautiful blog.

  3. Cecilia, our images here are also fascinating. My son in law is a graphic designer from Germany. through him I have learned to have a far greater appreciation of form. Essentially I'm a writer and try to use words in this way, but I value the visual image as well.

  4. Thank you Elisabeth! Strange to meet because of a "spam-letter" - wonder if Serge is aware of this new network he started :)

  5. Åh, viken fin idé. Det är väldigt skönt att sitta med nål och tråd. Tack för senast! Det var kul att se dig, och dina fina pappersobjekt.

  6. Tack själv Malin - jättekul att du och sonen tittade förbi!
    Såna har trivsamma workshops som ovan borde man göra OFTA. Mycket välgörande :)