Saturday, October 29, 2011

care for a cuppa?

This is what I'm doing now - cups cups and more cups. And saucers. It's for my next exhibition at Aniara Gallery, which I have named Java (which is an island in Indonesia where I lived 2 years during my childhood, but it's also Swedish slang for 'coffee' (!).

But tomorrow my girls and I are leaving for Gothenburg. They have a week off from school and are going off to see friends. I'm planning to see some exhibitions, meet with friends and bring back the remainders of my exhibition at Rum för Papper.


  1. Yes, I agree. Charming details. Good luck with all your work, Cecilia. Will a cup of coffee at nearby local cafe Dr Java for you.

  2. Visst är det en av dina fina pappers skålar som syns i bilden här?

    Som ska tydligen finnas med på Gokväll?

  3. Jo, Stephanie! Mycket uppmärksamt av dig :)) Ska precis blogga om det i nästa post...

  4. Such beautiful cups and saucers Cecilia.

    Where can I buy your work??? Might fancy some when I move house next year and will have more room for new and beautiful things!

  5. Thanks Hannah! These are for an exhibition. They are all for sale, so either drop me a line if you see one you want or check in later - I am planning a shop :)

  6. Verkligen underbart fina. En kopp bokstäver, superfint, sköra, vackra.

  7. Tack Pia, roligt att höra från dig!

  8. Worderful pieces! Good idea... I'd like to do it, thanks for the inspiration,


  9. Wonderful ideas!
    I'd like to have them, thanks for the inspiration!
    It you want visit my blog,, I'll be Very Happy...
    Have a good day...
    Kiss :-)