Thursday, September 8, 2011

koloni closeups

Koloni is the name of the 21 paper bowls in my show. I haven't given them individual names since they are part of a larger piece.

This one is made of book pages that have aged beautifully. The paper has turned brown in the edges and brittle.

I let coffee stain the rim of this bowl.


  1. You must be very pleased with these. They are so satisfying, so complete.

  2. Thank you Jude and Eliz! It's very meditative work, quite relaxing.

  3. hej där! åh det ser så fint ut! synd att jag inte kan komma och se det på plats, verkar vara ett fint ställe också!

  4. tack! Kan varmt rekommenderas som utflyktsmål - med Folkhögskolan eller familjen!

  5. Hi. God bless you
    May I ask what glue you are using