Monday, September 26, 2011

featured and proud!

It's arrived! Wonderful surprise in the mailbox last Friday - The New Artisans, by Olivier Dupon (Dossier37). More than 70 artists/artisans/designers are featured, and I'm one of them!

Below are a couple of spreads - it was so hard to choose, all are gorgeous - to give a hint of what the rest of the book looks like. It's full of inspiring images (850 of them!). I can hardly put it down :)

(my copy was quite roughly beaten up by the postal service - hence the dented corners...)


  1. congratulations! the book looks great! xx

  2. it looks like a book to treasure, like your work. thanks for sharing your success, too. inspiring.

  3. thank you both! the book is a must-have :)

  4. Hi i'm popping in, after you popped in, but i'm going to have a good explore now.
    just a quick question - that seems to be a photo of you creating your wonders in... a kitchen?
    Or is it the studio?
    and what is the cats name?

  5. Hello again Popps! It's our studio in the picture. But I actually create the paper bowls in my kitchen - so you're right in a way! And yes - Asta is a terrier (you're lucky she can't read)!

  6. Hello Cecilia!
    I was wondering... how can I get one of these books? Are they in sale?


  7. Hej Marta! Click on the link with the book cover at the top of my page or go to It's not released yet, but you can pre-order it.

  8. Such stunning work you make. I have just discovered it.

    That looks like a wonderful book. I think I will put it on my Christmas wish list!

  9. thank you hannah - hope Santa can fit it into your stocking!