Wednesday, March 3, 2010

petal bowl

This is where I'm at right now with the papier maché. I'm in love with this technique and just want to do more. The bowl is paperthin and yet quite sturdy, the glue making it stable.

I'm off to Stavanger, Norway, early tomorrow morning. Invited by the norwegian Grafill association to speek on Thursday evening and to hold a bookbinding workshop Friday and Saturday. Also speaking on Thursday is the norwegian illustrator and author Stian Hole, an amazing artist that works with collage, illustration and photoshop.
I'm getting nervous...


  1. I love your papier-mache bowl - it is so delicate, it is good to return to a medium after a break - it takes on a new life. I really like these.

  2. Bättre och bättre. Så vacker. Du får visa hur du gör. (jag ska inte härma)

  3. What a beautiful form. Your work is always so considered and beautiful to behold. All the best in Norway and with talk and binding workshop scheduled.

  4. really lovely. it seems it doesnt matter what medium you work with it always has a sensitive nature.
    i am drawn to them.

    congrats on your talk. hope it went well.

  5. I just stumbled across your blog, and WOW! This bowl is beautiful - dainty, bold, fragile and pretty...

  6. Finding your blog made my day!