Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Sun is flooding our studio! I love the light, but by the window it's steaming hot. Never mind, the promise of spring is here :)

Making small booklets that will be on sale at Kaleido.

There's still a LOT of snow despite the warming sun. If it melts too quickly we'll be flooded in water instead. A family of 3 roedeer have been visiting our back yard in search of something to eat. They have had a tough winter, but at least these three have made it through. They're lovely to watch (although Asta goes crazy when she hears them stepping around outside, she wants to chase them).


  1. Vilken gullegullig liten Asta. Cairns är så söta, och luggen är tuff :)
    Vi har inga rådjur direkt utanför fönstret, men vår cairn vaknar till liv när det finns ekorrar där ute!

  2. Flooded by light is the best way to be after winter. Far better than being flooded by water. Your studio looks most inviting.

  3. Your workspace looks very nice. Hope spring is treating you well. Lots of light and new growth.

  4. Stephanie - Asta älskar också att jaga ekorrar. Tur att de inte kan klättra i träd - än.

    gracia and louise - thank you both, it's a nice place to be in, both in and out.