Saturday, November 21, 2009

last chance!

This is the last weekend of our show – and today the sun is shining! Since we're also hosting a Sketchcrawl during the day the weathers perfect. I'll post photos from that later.


  1. I'm deeply impressed.
    This precise and painstaking work. "Portraits of injured people"... I mean: they become so personal through these "portraits", and then I saw the crippled feet and remember how I saw some of them suffer from infections. Some people hate them and call them "rats of the air" but they deserve compassion and welfare, I believe.

  2. I LOVE, love, love your work.
    I would like to know how much are your gorgeous paintings? I would very much like to buy one. I saw some of your work a few years back through your husband, Mattias, blog (i admire his work too) and I remember liking your bird paintings/drawings then too.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful work. I am wishing I could make it across to see it. Congratulations.


  4. Thank you so much for your comments, Eva and Tamsin!
    Eva - I've learnt a lot about birds - especially doves - since I started drawing them. I can't agree with you more, they are gentle beings and definitely deserve better.
    Tamsin - I'll contact you!

  5. Thank you Gracia! Well, travelling to each others blogs is a good option :)

  6. Yes, you are right. Better than missing it entirely. Again, I really like these recent pieces.

  7. I like your work, I really like it... and this blog too.
    saludos desde Argentina

    vero b.

  8. It ´s beautiful!!! Ilike birds so much and these are wonderful!!!