Thursday, November 19, 2009

art exchange delivery!

Look at all these mail goodies I got in the past few days! Wow. In these dark November days, it feels like pure sunshine coming out of those envelopes. Thank you friends!

from Lizzy Stewart - love the bears and the houses and... well everything

from Shannon Rankin - breathtaking, check out that link

from Émilie Boudet - love the little artist book dtrames

... and Catherine Schnoebelen.

Happy November!


  1. yeah! I'm happy my friends played along :) I got something today too, am waiting for some light to show it!

  2. How lovely!! Cecilia, thank you so very much for sending me one of your delightful prints too - I really like your style and love the little books you've made too (I visited your website!). I will feature my art exchange pieces on my blog soon! Best wishes, Caroline