Monday, April 14, 2008


Water sure comes in various forms. The day started out cold and clear. Some puddles with, some puddles without ice. Ice in different shapes and forms. Then it started raining heavily, and in between showers, the sun came out. The rainbow that appeared this evening was almost fluorescent!


  1. aha, äntligen en blogg! :)
    Vilka fina foton du har postat, ja och illustrationer så klart (det var ju självklart). Vad kul om ni kommer,då känner jag i alla fall någon!

  2. Love the third image. It's always amazing what kinds of shape you find in nature.

  3. tack Camilla, ja nu har även jag trillat dit! Vi ses, det ska bli roligt att träffa er!

    meagan, thanks! I know, these forms were amazing in real life. My shots didn't really do them justice.

    tack Carro! Isen på nr. 3 är taget nere vid Ropsten.

  4. I love these photos! So delicate & gorgeous.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!