Monday, April 21, 2008

brilliant Sunday

Yesterday was Sunday, and Mattias and I went to Edsvik Konsthall, an art gallery. It was the first time we visited here. It was all so inspiring - the gallery, the art, the weather - it was brilliant!

We were amazed by the large portraits in watercolor made by Lars Holm. He happened to be there (giving a watercolor class) so we had a word with him; a very nice man. Too bad all his courses are fully booked months ahead... We wouldn't mind a little refreshing input, both of us.

The sculptures are made by Lars Widenfalk, I liked very much the fallen angel. Delicate and raw.


  1. Yep, this looks and sounds like one brilliant Sunday to me as well... g

  2. Great stuff! I very much like Lars Holm's work, thanks for turning me in his direction.

  3. gracia, it was one of those days that made an imprint in my memory.
    and thank YOU Ian!

  4. Jag tycker också mycket om Lasse Holms akvareller, de är så flödigt målade och man blir verkligen imponerad!