Wednesday, March 20, 2013

come fly with me

Sigtuna by air. Our house is somewhere right in the middle of the photo, below the dark green woods.
The large white plains are Lake Mälaren, covered in ice, still...

Eva Skarbäck at Sintra Arts & Craft

happy me (foto by Marie Kalmnäs)
paper art in the shop's window by Angelica Solander

Back to Göteborg last weekend, this time I flew. I usually prefer to go by train, but it's so unsure this time of year, the trains are often late due to snow or ice etc. This happened last time I went - not so fun after a long workday. But flying proved to be no better - we were also late going back home. But arriving in Sigtuna at 11 pm turned out to be rewarding in a way: the sky above our house was a strange bright green - it was Aurora Borealis, northern lights! Quite unusual this far south.

I popped in at Sintra Arts & Craft while in Göteborg. There was a ceramics exhibition by Eva Skarbäck that I wanted to see. Love those jars (Nonstop) and bowls...

Box making workshop at Rum för Papper went fine. Small group, cosy atmosphere, good results.

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