Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Umeå 1

I went to Umeå with my youngest daughter, Rosa, to visit her best friend that moved there during the summer. It's a university town in northern Sweden and a real cultural centre  - the Umeå Arts Campus (Fine Arts, Design, Architecture) together with the Museum of Arts, all situated at a walking distance right by the river. I visited Bildmuseet (the Museum of Arts) together with Kirsi and Tim. There were three exhibitions, I enjoyed Mario Merz most. Kirsi and Tim enjoyed Björn Berg, one of Sweden’s most beloved book illustrators. You could sit and draw and also touch some of the art :) which was not allowed on the other floors...

Umeå will be European Capital of Culture 2014, there were building sites all over.  


  1. åååh! Umeå är min "home town" i Sverige (pappa bor där) och jag fick se lite av de nya konst centrumet (nära den nya järnvägsstationen) förra året när jag var där. Very exciting om 2014!

  2. :))) Vad roligt Stephanie! Jag gillar verkligen staden - skulle dock inte vilja bo där, fööör lång vinter tror jag...