Monday, July 30, 2012

taking it slow

We've been back from our summer holidays for 2 weeks now and only very slowly am I getting into everyday life again. Four weeks were spent in our summer cottage on Stora Kornö, an island on the westcoast of Sweden. Starting with the traditional Midsommar (midsummer), the girls - Olivia and Rosa - in white summer dresses and flowers in their hair, defying the cold and rain. Weather could have been better,  but we did get some pleasant days. I guess this summer is just one of those that never really starts before it's over and the leaves start falling off again.

With a right arm that hurt and was useless for working, the days went past at a slow pace. I had plans to work with paper but had to take it easy instead. Didn't mind too much :) It later turned out I had an inflamed deltoid, a muscle in my arm.

We are a family of cake monsters, always finding an occassion/excuse to bake. Luckily two family members had birthdays coming up! A raspberry-brownie cake and a Schwartzwald cake were these people's choice. And inbetween cakes we made vanilla rolls, they're made like swedish cinnamon rolls, but instead of cinnamon we use vanilla sometimes...

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