Sunday, June 3, 2012

bye bye hello hello

Longing, mocha set made of book paper
Species Litteras Q, wooden box containing handcut letters of various fonts, pinned down with insect pins

Two of my larger pieces were sold last week and have now left me for new owners... I usually don't feel that strong attachments to my work - of course I'm fond of my work, but usually very happy to let go, too. These proved a bit harder to part from... especially Q, which was part of my degree project from 1996 (!). Well, I'm over all that now and extremely happy to know they're in good hands. Longing will be exposed in a public place in Uppsala municipality and Q will hang in the private home of a doctor of literature (doktor i litteraturvetenskap - I'm not sure how to write that in english...).

Now I'm totally into the next project: making paper eggs. This is for the new group exhibition at Kaleido; Med näbbar och klor (= With beaks and claws). Show opens next Saturday June 9th. More photos will follow....