Friday, February 24, 2012


So finally I can share the thrilling news that the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm has bought the Red bowl and Java cup!!! Needless to say I'm extremely honored and proud and feel a constant need to pinch my arm :)

These two pieces are now a part of their collection. The bowl will also take part in an upcoming exhibition there, titled Slow Art, starting May 10th. Here's an extract from the text about the exhibition:

In praise of slowness

More recently, however, our high-speed culture has come under fire for its downsides. Voices have been raised in support of the need to slow down. Concepts such as Slow Food (the opposite of fast food), Slow Travel, Slow Media and Slow Mail have been introduced. What the various Slow movements have in common is that their supporters advocate a more gently paced lifestyle, rather than a constant battle with the clock. There is also an ecological aspect to the Slow ethos, which is very much in tune with the goal of sustainable development.

Hear hear :)))

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hej och grattis, fantastiskt kul.

    Hälsnngar från Nilla (vi hade lite kontakt runt dina illustrationer mm för några år sedan)

  2. Grattis!! Vilken äran! Very much deserved :)