Thursday, March 10, 2011

room for paper Rum för Papper in Swedish. I held a small bookbinding workshop there 2 weeks ago and this coming Sunday it's time for a box workshop. Participants will make a box for a treasured book they own.

Staying with Lena & family as usual :) Staying up way past my regular bedtime, talking and talking... And admiring the nice ways of softspoken, well-mannered beautiful Svante...

...returning home to our own pooch, badly in need of a trim and one or two lessons on how to behave ;)


  1. Looks you hade a great time. Love the dog's!

  2. Trying to teach myself bookbinding so I can make my own sketchbooks. Struggling in some areas but it's really fulfilling when you get the finished object in your hands. Room for paper looks great. Any chance you could do tutorials or something for the bookbinding and box making?

  3. Thanks all for your comments! I recommend searching the net for tutorials - there are loads of them in english - mine are in swedish...

  4. Roligt att få vara med i Göteborg.
    Bilden på Asta underbar. Får jag låna till min flickr.