Thursday, April 15, 2010

gone back gone again

Last weekend I held a bookbinding workshop in this beautiful paper shop in the center of Göteborg, Rum för Papper. Shop owners Ulrica, Mia and Tove organized it all perfectly, so everyone had a great creative day in a beautiful setting. The shop consists of two not very big rooms, lined with paper goods from floor to ceiling. I'll be back there in october again, looking forward to it already.

Since the girls had their Easter break, I came with the whole family and we stayed in our old neighborhood with our former next door neighbors. It was so nice to be back, we all got very sentimental...

Tomorrow I'm off to Göteborg – again... This is the last weekend I'm at HDK, and the Crafts Department, this spring. This time to teach them how to make boxes! It will be interesting since it's the first time I give a course in this.


  1. Vilket ställe, perfekt för en bokbindarkurs, papper runt om och fina skyltfönster, fint golv. Dit måste jag åka när jag besöker Göteborg i sommar.

  2. Looks like a lovely store and that everyone enjoyed your workshop.

  3. Such days, such times are great. A little bit creative, a little bit sentimental.