Wednesday, February 24, 2010

re-use fun

Barbro Fagerlind is our exhibitor in the Kaleido gallery this month. She works in metal such as tin cans etc. Last week she held two workshops - they were fully booked immediately. I was lucky to be one of the participants and had a ball; cutting, hammering, punching away at my tin cans I had brought along. Couldn't finish it off there though, time went so fast.

I'm off to Göteborg to hold a bookbinding workshop at HDK (School of Design and Crafts) tomorrow. The train traffic situation is chaotic because of all the snow that has fallen in the past days. It's usually a 4 hour train ride, but people have been stuck for hours in the middle of nowhere because of snow blocking or rails freezing. Hope I get there - and hope I get back home after the workshop tomorrow evening...

Barbro's wonderful creations.

And my unfinished attempt at a light bearer :) It was harder than I thought, but fun!


  1. Vilken inspirerande syn...
    Kaviartuberna var helt otippat fina.
    Kul att se dina spännande projekt.

  2. WoW! beautiful! Such a inspiration. Great work!

  3. Fantastic images! Such inspiring photos you have posted.

    As a Calligrapher we have strong ties to the Bookbinding Guild- their work is awesome. Have a great time at your workshop.

    I'll swap some snow for our heat - 41C here today! Phew I'm melting.....



  4. thanks friends! you should try it - but be sure to wear gloves, the sharp edges of tin cans can be really nasty.

    Cindy - sounds a bit tooo hot... but for a day I would :)

  5. Vackert och roligt och "vill ha".