Monday, April 13, 2009

sights and sounds

More photos from my visit to Istanbul. I took loads of them - as one tends to do on trips - and it's been hard to choose. But I just had to share the two below with you: on the Galata-bridge a bridegroom stood holding his bride close, while being photographed in the midst of fishermen and the bustling traffic on the sidewalk. He then suddenly picked up his bride and briskly walked away! And hopefully lived happily ever after.

Food for the ears as well.

Hope the easter bunny came to visit you! I ate too much easter candy as usual...


  1. Catching moments like this -- how great!

  2. I know Eva! They usually pass before you're even able to get the camera out of the bag... Lucky shot this one!

  3. Wonderful! I so long to travel to Istanbul one day soon... thanks for the beauty and the colour and the imagined sounds... I am there!

  4. The groom totally picked up his wife like she was a doll! A bit forceful looking, holding her from the side like that while walking away.


  5. Looks like a wonderful time was enjoyed. I'd love to visit Istanbul one day too.