Friday, December 5, 2008

the way out (vägen ut)

Third and last piece of art on book covers (I still have a fourth cover, don't know what to do on it yet...).
Exhibited at my solo show at Galleri Hedengrens Trappa in Stockholm in August, blogged here, here and here.
Fine liner, water color and sewing thread.


  1. Hello Cecelia ...its ages since I have been in touch with you and maybe you don't even remember me.

    But of course I remember you. I was looking at some group or other (not one of my regular ones) on Flickr and came across you. That's how I got to thinking " oh I must see what this talented artist has been getting up to lately. It's been a pleasure looking through your Flickr pages and your blog. Congratulations on your solo exhibition.

    Like your brown drawings and 'pod people' especially. But also the circular organic drawings.

    bye for now

    Aine, in icy cold Edinburgh.

  2. Hi Cecilia... such wonderful work. I have so enjoyed seeing these books, all of them.
    thanks, g

  3. Tack Pia och Marie-Louise!

    Thank you ainesse and Gracia!

  4. great work cecilia… we have a new exhibition at the museum where i work where an artist using a book cover but your are much better…

  5. This is AWESOME! What a beautifully executed book!

  6. tack Maria!

    thanks Michael, I really enjoyed doing them!

    and thank you Courtney!

  7. Such beautiful work, I am so glad that I have found your wonderful and inspiring blog.