Thursday, October 30, 2008

300 grams less of dog

There is an eye in there somewhere.

Hairy and proud, and still unknowing of what will happen.

After the hairdressers (she looks traumatised)! She now weighs 300 grams less.

The weather was horrible today. It was humid and a couple of degrees below zero, so it was icy cold. Later on the rain poured down and of course I had chosen this day to do errands in the city. On top of this I feel a cold coming on, my voice is going.
But the forest is beautiful whatever the weather.


  1. Hi Cecilia
    Congratulations for your work. Fortunately I "found" your blog some weeks ago and since then I follow your posts waiting for the "news". Just loved yout recent portraits.
    Greetings from Lisbon.


  2. åh, Asta! Visst trivs dom lika gärna där under "the scruff" som vi kallar det :)
    Och jag håller med om at skogen är fin, always.
    Hoppas du kryar på dej!

  3. Å, vad kul att du gillar det röda! :)

    Jag blir väldigt inspirerad av dina cell-teckningar. Påminner lite om det jag ritade i gymnasiet och får det att klia i fingrarna faktiskt. Tack!

  4. Cecilia,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment.
    I enjoyed wandering around yours this morning... I was whisked away to a foggy forest with a darling little hairy dog. Thanks!
    And I really like your portraits... unique and modern!

    Have a great day!


  5. she's a modern sampson theres no power left in her when here golden locks fell!

  6. thanks all for your nice, lovely comments! I feel better already!

  7. She looks a little bit like a cat now [but don't tell her!].

  8. Tell her, that she looks wonderful!!! Could I visit her hairdresser too? :-)

  9. I like your blog! And your dog, actually my parents have the same one in sandy-brown (if it's a Cairn terrier), I took her to the dog parlor recently and they gave her the most horrible poodle haircut so when we got home we just trimmed everything short...(poor dog)

  10. I do prefer her with short fur - I like to see her eyes. And I think she likes to have a clear lookout on the world.
    Elizt - she would not be happy to hear this; for her cat's are the ultimate toy
    Andrea - I'll tell her! But are you sure you want to stand on a table and get your hair pulled out for 3 hours?
    Christiane - horrible nightmare - poodle haircut, the ultimate disgrace!