Monday, March 19, 2012

Bacchanalia at 1508 Gallery, London

view of the exhibition before opening night

My cups on old books placed on small tables. Above photos: Elizabeth Murphy
photo: Andrea Mancuso
photo: Andrea Mancuso
A quote from the introduction of the catalogue, written by Elizabeth Murphy, the curator, that illustrates the idea of the exhibition.

"Bacchanalia attempts to both recognize and celebrate the objects we use for the table. As an artistic deconstruction of a dinner party, each element is realized through installations of design and artwork. The selected pieces are infused with memories, cultural connotations, as well as symbolic values. However, the artists' contemporary viewpoints are revealed and challenge the viewers' perceptions by playing with the familiar connotations associated with the objects. The highlight of the project will be realized the evening of March 14th, 2012 with a fusion of taste and topic. To enhance the experience and understand the objects at greater depth, there will be a special evening of food and drink installations inspired by the collection."

Participating artists are Michael Anastassiades, Nigel Coates, Aleksandar Duravcevic, Mimi Joung, Ingrid Murphy, Lesley Stothers, Peter Ting and myself.

More photos from the opening night coming tomorrow!